Morning Light

"Morning Light"
10X8" box

"Martyr Complex"
Gary Dusek

"Morning Light" a.k.a "Jesus Box" was a collaborative shoot with the artist Gary Dusek for an idea to take a picture of him as Jesus.
After a few meeting and the photo shoot we decided to create a collaborative project based on the idea of religion and its symbols, hoping to exhibit the project in full next year. In "Morning Light" the Jesus image was cut to a few transparent print to create a 3D effect, in addition two more slides was added in between the original Jesus image. "Martyr Complex" is Gary's product of the same image. Gary used 13 canvases (8X10" each) to create one big Jesus cross. Each canvas has a heat attached layer that was later painted on. 

Both of the pieces was part of "The Morning After" art show. 
"Morning Light" was sold about a week after the show.