Persimmon shoot

A short clip to demonstrate a studio shoot of one of the fruit series, The Persimmon.

How Did I

Aaron Plum Insurance

Aaron Plum Insurance is a family owned business for over 60 years, founded by Aaron Plum and Rhoda Plum z"l. The business currently operates out of its original Bronx office, and has become a neighborhood institution. To this day Aaron Plum works five days a week, paying careful attention to all customers, be they individuals who walk in off the street, or long -tanding customers he has worked with since before the office existed. There is nothing Aaron and Rhoda Plum z"l cared more about than family,a sentiment that has continuously guided the business practice and influenced their relationship with clients. The office is filled with family photographs and children's artwork, framed and hung in prominent spots along the walls. Since Rohda's passing, Aaron Plum's daughter, Ellen has begun working alongside her father. Aiming to expand the reach of Aaron Plum Insurance, Ellen recently opened an office in Scaresdale and has continued in her parents foot steps by reaching out to new customers on a daily basis be it by email, phone or in-person visits. It was a pleasure to visit this office, to explore the roots of a family and the story of a couple who literally created something big out of absolutely nothing.