My Tel Aviv

I spent the first month of the year 2011 in Israel. Being from Tel-Aviv I spent most of the trip there. About a week ago I finished putting together the images from my month long trip. With my camera I aimed to highlight the diversity of the architecture and the unique look of this small city – where so much has happened.

The picture above was taken near the spot where a bomber blew himself up in Tel-Aviv - on Purim 1996. . The attack was the fourth suicide bombing in Israel in nine days. I remember as a kid going there and looking at the white stripes of the crosswalk, for a few months you could see exactly where it happened, as the paint where he pulled the trigger was smudged. I hope that there is a new future for the Middle East. I want to believe that the new generation will understand that violence is not the solution.
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Tel aviv 2011

The reflection series

The reflection series started during the winter of 2009 in New York City, after observing a puddle on the street. Spending a few minutes in front of the puddle, I realized that it is possible to have a reflection positioned as the main object of an image and the "real" figure as the supporting this object. Since my main focus as a photographer is to question one's perception of an image. By using reflections as the main object of focus, supported by "real" objects, I hope to have the viewer question what they perceive as reality.
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Marcy Playground shoot

Last November I had the honor to take pictures of the band "Marcy playground". The idea for the shoot was directed by my self and Melanie Willie and is part of the branding of us both, a project called JUStABLE.
Styling by Melanie Willie