Butter and Jelly*

Under Eye’s Sky - A Solo photo exhibition by Adam Cohen. Will be on view from Oct. 7th-27th at the Columbia Kraft Center in honor of its 10 years anniversary in New York City.

Under Eye’s Sky offered a selection of New York City photographs taken from various points of view including, underground, in transit and through reflections. New Yorkers are constantly in motion, be it by foot, public transit or taxi, the typical scenes that surround them daily are so often overlooked or taken for granted. This exhibit offers a selection of photographs taken from various points of view including, underground, in transit and through reflections. Cohen’s imagery enhances even the smallest detail, highlighting New York’s timeless and classic beauty, while also noting its at times harsh personality, and enhance. Cohen believes Israeli art reveals the world as it is and encourages his viewers to question their reality and the routines that dictate their daily lives.

* The title "Butter and Jelly" was contributed by Craig Friedman, writer of The New American Census. www.thenewamericancensus.com

Human Corn

Through the Human Corn, I intended to highlight the overuse of two
popular energy sources - Ethanol, a colorless liquid produced by corn,
and Oil, with its darker almost black coloring. This bright and
seemingly optimistic corn has reached its tipping point. The energy
within was not only insufficient, producing minimal liquid, but has
also led to self-destruction.

It seems that as the world progresses and the more the human race
develops, various sources of energy are continuously exhausted.
Starting from the 1970s in America, the production of corn-based
energy has grown enormously even though corn supplies significantly
less energy than the amount taken to produce it and its production has
depleted food sources as well.

Today, we have reached another the tipping point, with our oceans
bleeding oil. Even if we could cover the spills in order to protect
ourselves, the end will not look much different from the Human Corn -
with our resources wasted and fatally polluted.

The image was produced for an open call as part of the 501C3 organization Art For Progress for the theme of Critical Mass. The image was exhibited at the Headquarters Gallery in Tribeca on October 15 and 16.